The Third Name of a Cat

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  • script and direction: Paweł Aigner
  • music: Krzysztof Dzierma
  • stage design: Pavel Hubička
  • arrangements: Marek Kulikowski
  • vocal tutor: Cezary Szyfman
  • band: Anna Świętochowska (piano), Katarzyna Świętochowska (cello), Robert Jurčo (accordion)
  • producer: Zbigniew Pietrzak


  • Paweł Chomczyk

The Third Name of a Cat is one – singing – man - accompanied by a live band - show. The script of the recital, with an uncounted amount of suspicious characters, sensational, crime peripeteia, unexpected climaxes... is based on a poetry by T.S.Eliot. Bloody chasing the precious ring and world of an unperfect crime is created on the stage by one actor, juggling with the means of expression from a different areas of theater activity (singing, acting, miming, object theater). The world of fiction becomes in one moment the only reality of a protagonist - his life. Masks, put on face one by one, trips into different characters, madness of creation, inner chaos, entwined realities – theater and a real life become the only drama of an actor. Delusion, reality, fake, Cat – Actor or a Man – Cat, real creation or a fake reality, emptiness surrounding the Actor looking in the mirror not being able to answer the basic question: who am I? A man? A character? One of my multiplied creations? One of the masks? Or maybe, if I can be everything.... there is no such thing as ME?