Concert for cor, drum and viola

based on Jarosław Jakubowski's drama inspired by life and works of Czesław Miłosz
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  • direction: Paweł Aigner
  • music: Piotr Klimek, performed by Burakura (Tomasz Nawrocki, Bartłomiej Orłowski and Piotr Klimek)
  • stage design and visual effects: Krzysztof Kiziewicz
  • costumes: Małgorzata Tarasewicz – Wosik
  • production: Białostocki Ośrodek Kultury


  • Dagmara Sowa
  • Michał Jarmoszuk
  • Paweł Chomczyk

Sound of a coffin lid being moved, ray of light getting insight through a narrow chink – too strong to recognize the faces of people standing on the grave. The shapes are slowly getting familiar, voices are talking about about fulfilled destiny, about defense of dignity and freedom, about a great loss and world turning grey, about creativity, which gives strength to last and the same creativity, which is supposed to scoff at Poles and Catholicism... The voice of a farwelled poet entwines with changing landscapes built on associations of characters appearing on stage. The multidimensional stage – half real, half virtual – is a place where physical and metaphysical worlds meet, place in which human being and movable, virtual pictures coexist... accompanied by live trio without cor, without drum and without viola.