Krwawa jatka

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Krwawa jatka

  • author: Michał Walczak
  • directed by: Łukasz Kos
  • stage design: Mariusz Laskowski
  • costumes: Joanna Niemirska
  • music: Dominik Strycharski
  • vissual effects: Krzysztof Kiziewicz
  • stage design collaboration: Małgorzata Tarasewicz-Wosik


  • Dagmara Sowa (Barbara)
  • Paweł Chomczyk (Maciej)
  • Mariusz Laskowski (Bambi)
  • Paweł Aigner (Drakul Nosferat)
Poster: Michał Matoszko

A pair of talented young theater artists is trying to make a career in a big city - the capital of creativity. Despite the artistic success of their projects, the metropolis resists. Growing frustration accelerates the beating of artistic hearts, the fever of creation makes the blood flow faster in swollen veins, the crazy pulse rhythmically sends a message: mayday, we want to perform, create an illusion, feed the souls of viewers hungry for beauty !!! The silent scream of the artist cuts through the air like a blade, bounces off the walls of ignorance, travels through the oceans of time to reach the ears of the One who lives to create and creates to live ... for centuries. The pair of actors are invited to create the roles of their lives in the most important film of His career. The price will be high. Here you pay with blood.


Premiere 10.11.2011


  • Acting award for Paweł Aigner for the role of Dracul Nosferat at the XXVI National Festival of Puppet Theaters in Opole