na zdjęciu Dagmara Sowa i Paweł Chomczyk
fot./photo Michał Strokowski

About us

Grupa Coincidentia is a freelance theater, founded in 2009 by Dagmara Sowa and Paweł Chomczyk (graduates of the Białystok Puppet Art Department of the Theater Academy). Coincidentia has produced over a dozen performances in collaboration with artists such as: Michael Vogel, Łukasz Kos, Christiane Zanger, Paweł Aigner, Michał Walczak, Robert Jarosz, Christoph Bochdansky, Paweł Passini, Robert Drobniuch, Konrad Dworakowski. Coincidentia's shows have been presented at numerous festivals in Europe, Asia and North America and have been honored with many awards (including The Bank of Scotland Herald Angel, Total Theater Award Edinburgh, Grand Prix of the Konteksty Festival in Poznań, the Grand Prix of the MFTL in Toruń). The focus of Coincidentia's interests is contemporary theater of many means of expression (with particular emphasis on puppet theater). Coincidentia collaborates on a permanent basis with the German independent scene Lindenfels Westfluegel in Leipzig and the Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel.

The performances of Grupa Coincidentia were hosted at over one hundred festivals and dozens of guest stages in Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Ukraine, Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Great Britain, USA and Japan. Coincidentia twice took first place in the annual summaries of the Theater Institute in Warsaw as the Polish theater most often touring abroad. The Group's performances have been honored with over forty awards, distinctions and nominations - most of which were awarded by juries of national and international theater festivals. In the annual summaries „The best of the sezon” by „Teatr” magazine, the Group's performances have been metioned several times. Coincidentia's performances have qualified four times in the finals of the „Teatr Polska” program of the Theater Institute in Warsaw.

In 2016, Grupa Coincidentia established Siedlisko Kultury Solniki 44 - an independent cultural center located in the forest in Podlasie Region. The activities of Solniki 44 so far have resulted in dozens of presentations of: theatrical performances, including several world premieres, artistic and educational workshops, works in progress, concerts and panel discussions. Solniki 44 was visited by crowds of viewers (from Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, USA, France, Belarus, Great Britain, Belgium). The participants of the events were artists, producers, curators, festival organizers from Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, Israel, Great Britain and USA. The center has become a place for the production of an independent theater, a guest stage, a space for organizing educational and pro-social activities (including „Lato w Teatrze” - program of the Theater Institute in Warsaw). In 2018, the center initiated LasFest - International Theater Festival in the Forest (and in 2020 it launched LasKids - a festival addressed to children's audience). Both festivals include the most interesting offers of independent theaters, laboratory works, concerts, student shows, meetings with artists, film screenings and unconventional events combining art with nature.

Coincidentia is a crossroad at which creative ideas meet in a non-haphazard albeit sometimes inexplicable manner.

Coincidentia is an utopian striving towards contacts with spaces in which contradictions mutually permeate and harmoniously coexist.

Coincidentia is a merge of the autonomous creative paths followed by artists penetrating assorted spaces of theater's life.

Grupa Coincidentia is a theater which unites the opposites.