Bezbrzeża fot. Bartek Warzecha

Bezbrzeża / Küstenlos

based on songs by Franz Schubert
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Bezbrzeża fot. Bartek Warzecha
  • script: Paweł Chomczyk, Robert Drobniuch
  • direction: Robert Drobniuch
  • musical arrangement: Piotr Klimek
  • stage design: Pavel Hubička
  • stage design collaboration: Małgorzata Tarasewicz-Wosik
  • multimedia: Przemysław Żmiejko
  • choreographic collaboration: Błażej Twarowski
  • lights design: Bogusław Kasperuk
  • vocal consultations: Cezary Szyfman


  • Dagmara Sowa
  • Maciej Falkiewicz
  • Paweł Chomczyk
  • David Serebryanik / Karina Komendera, Maciej Kałka, Tomasz Licak (live music)

Erlking, Prometheus, Gretchen, Dwarf are some of the heroes of Franz Schubert's songs, whose stories are connected in the performance of Bezbrzeża / Küstenlos. They strive for an unlimited, infinite, romantic vision of freedom but at the same time they are lonely, lost, and alienated. The creators of the performance invite viewers to a musical journey into the world of imagination inhabited by creatures aware of their limitations, creatures living on the verge of reality. The curtain constitutes this border - the actors draw on the convention of theatre within the theatre, while exploring the formal possibilities of sound, voice, movement, and objects. They plunge into the fate of romantic rebels, lovers, dreamers and their internal tear - emotional, disordered, boundless, and therefore fascinating ...

The show qualified for the finals of the 4th edition of the national competition for the best performance of independent theater "The Best Off".

The show received the Jury Award of the International Festival Radosti 2023 in Brno/Divadlo Radost (CZ) "for creating a bold, radical, emotionally evocative, yet comprehensible theatrical experiment."