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  • written and directed by: Robert Jarosz
  • stage design: Pavel Hubička
  • music: Patryk Lichota


  • Dagmara Sowa (Matka)
  • Paweł Chomczyk (Doktor)
  • Krzysztof Prystupa (Biabeł)

Floorless is a world premiere of Robert Jarosz's drama (original tittle Bez Podłogi), awarded and published by Centrum Myśli Jana Pawła II, directed by an author. The title of a drama describes a house in which the threshing-floor is soaked with a family secrets kept for years. The main character – Doctor – is caught by viewers in a situation, when the mysteries start being released and become a characters of Mother and Devil, who initiates a painful and dangerous game. Mother, obsessively devout and devoutly incapacitating, provokes Doctor to crime and purification...

The earth keeps each and every single drop of a secret... everything soaks into earth... water, wine, blood, sweat, milk... The walls protect from strangers but won't let the fumes of secret get outside. The less room in a floorless house, the heavier the fumes... And in the thick fog of mystery it is easy to tell enemy and friend, angel and demon, love and hate, word and sin apart.