Don Kichote

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Don Kichote

  • directed by: Konrad Dworakowski
  • translation: Walenty Zakrzewski
  • adaptation: Martyna Lechman
  • scenography: Andrzej Dworakowski
  • music and arrangements: Tomasz Lewandowski


  • Dagmara Sowa
  • Ewa Wróblewska / Joanna Chmielecka
  • Łukasz Batko
  • Maciej Cempura
  • Paweł Chomczyk
  • Piotr Osak

Dearest Dulcinea, Forgive me! I am writing this letter to you knowing that you cannot answer me. However, please don't be angry. I couldn't come today. Many adventures stopped me. We knights errant fight a lot and then our chivalrous dream comes to us. You are also in this dream, only of course much bigger and even more beautiful. When we wake up in the morning, we like to laze around a bit. Writing this letter I am just basking in the warm sand of La Mancha and I am constantly thinking about you. I kiss your gentle hands. See you later! I am leaving soon. I will be with you tomorrow. Your D. K.

Don Kichote 2018 is a performance with a non-obvious and varied language. His form tries to reconcile the spirit of the knight tale of Cervantes and the experience of contemporary theater with his inclination to comment on the current socio-political and historical situation. Through live music, puppetry and drama theater, it combines distant aesthetic concepts in order to find a common denominator in the cluttered reality that surrounds us. Therefore, we are dealing with a musical and visual event where the classic hero becomes a medium subjected to experiment. We are interested in todays Don Kichote interpretations and contexts? What reality would he reflect, what would we see in his mirror through our reflection? We are trying to think about how his vision of the world would motivate and determine our actions. Don Kichote openly calls Dulcinea „an idea created according to his own vision of the world”. We do not know the answer to the question of what is our Dulcinea. In this journey, we want to be Sancho Panza curiously watching what will result from this year's meeting with Don Kichote. The performance has an open formula, ready to ask this question every year. The premiere is titled Don Kichote 2018, which is the opening date for subsequent performances in the future. The performance has been prepared by two institutions, different in terms of experience and functioning, the Pinokio Theater in Łódź and the Coincidentia Group. They share a tendency to experiment and break stereotypes of thinking about the puppet theater.

Awards, distinctions, nominations

XXIX National Festival of Puppet Theaters in Opole

  • Award for directing — Konrad Dworakowski
  • Acting award for the role of Don Kichote — Paweł Chomczyk
  • Distinction for the stage design — Andrzej Dworakowski
  • Actor's distinction for the role of Sancho Pansa — Łukasz Batko

Golden Mask (award of Łódź reviewers for theater people) for the best performance of the 2018/2019 season in puppet theaters

XXVI International Puppet Theaters Festival "Spotkania" in Toruń

  • GRAND PRIX ot the 26th IPTF "Spotkania” for the Coincidentia Group and the Pinokio Theater in Łódź for the performance of "Don Kichote"
  • Award for the best direction for Konrad Dworakowski
  • Award for the best stage design for Andrzej Dworakowski
  • Award for the best male role for Paweł Chomczyk

Energy of Culture 2018

  • Nomination for the most important Łódź event of the year

Culture Patches (Plastry Kultury) 2018

  • Nomination of journalists on in the category "Theater event of the year"