grafika Michał Matoszko
grafika Michał Matoszko

LasFest 2023 - King Deer Edition

We are happy to announce the Program of the 6th International Theater Festival in the Forest - LasFest - King Deer Edition

► Species found in Poland
8.08 at 20.00 "Bezbrzeża" Grupa Coincidentia
► Species rarely found in Poland
9.08 at 20.00 "Johannes Doktor Faust or A Frightful Comedy with Devils" Magamura Creative Workshop (HU)
► Oak Forum
9.08 at 21.00 Meeting with the creators of the Magamura Creative Workshop (HU)
► Young Forest Forum
10.08 at 20.00 "Stand-up" Aleksandra Gosławska
► LasMóvi
10.08 at 21.00 Forest screening of short films/Replika 16.LFF/curator Maciej Misztal
► Species rarely found in Poland
11.08 at 20.00 "Pozory" Czrevo Theater (PL)/Laboratory Figures Oscar Schlemmer (BY)
► Oak Forum
11.08 at 21.00 Meeting with the creators of „Pozory” (PL/BY)
► Species found in Poland
12.08 at 20.00 "Invisible" Grupa Coincidentia
► Night of Shooting Stars
12.08 at 22.00 Kwartet Dworski - night show of shooting stars with live music
► LasLab
13.08 at 19.00 „Arrowproof” - forest mural by Monika Konieczna + „Altar of Artemis” - food art installation by Michalina Kostecka/Plantera
► Roar of the Wild
13.08 at 20.00 Maja Kleszcz/trio – concert

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Financed from the state budget - from the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, as well as from the budget of Powiat Białostocki and Zabłudów Commune. Project implemented in partnership with the A. Zelwerowicz Theater Academy Bialystok Branch.

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