plakat / poster by Michał Matoszko
plakat / poster by Michał Matoszko

LasFest 2021 - Tree Bark Edition

Once again, we are organizing a festival in our forest culture center Solniki 44

LasFest 2021 - 4th International Theater Festival in the Forest - Tree Bark Edition

10-14.08.2021 - Solniki 44

After three editions of the International Theater Festival in the Forest, which took place as: "Wild Boar Edition" - an impulsive and dignified animal, "Moss Edition" - a common forest plant that provides a shelter to many small species, and "The Mother Wolf Edition" - a forest hero awakening respect and romantic associations, now a TREE BARK will be the patron of the fourth LasFest. The tissue, covering the trunks of the trees and many other plants, found in the forest, became an inspiration for the construction of the festival program in 2021 due to the functions it performs. The bark is involved in the conduct of many life-giving juices and ingredients necessary for the functioning of the plants. It also takes part in the storage process, enabling the tree to survive in unfavorable conditions. Finally, the bark is a part of the tree we first come into close contact with, stroking the trunk, leaning against it, embracing the tree. The pandemic situation, with all its challenges, brings fear for survival into the field of art. Creators seem to need a "bark" to protect themselves against the undesirable effects of external, destructive forces, provide juices necessary for creative work, as well as store ideas and resources for subsequent projects. LasFest 2021 – Tree Bark Edition will be a collection of moving and funny, richly staged and modest, juicy and rough artistic statements about survival.

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Financially supported by the Zabłudów Commune, the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation and Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen. Project carried out by Siedlisko Kultury Solniki 44 in partnership with the The Aleksander Zelwerowicz Theatre Academy in Warsaw, the branch in Białystok.